YouTube capture app gets iPad compatibility

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The YouTube capture app, which allows you to send video direct from your smartphone to the video sharing website, now has iPad compatibility.

You can film any sort of video and instantly edit it and then send it straight off to YouTube, from your iPad or iPad mini. The app also lets you include background music or add auto stabilisation, making it a good free alternative to the iMovie app.

YouTube capture was also recently updated to support proper 1080p video recording. As well as that, you can post video to sites such as?Twitter, Facebook and Google+, all from your tablet or smartphone.

If you don’t have an iPad, the whole app is optimised for iPhone 5 or other iOS devices. The lack of tablet connectivity was a bit of an issue, but that’s now all been fixed.?

Head over to iTunes, where you can download the newest version of the app.


Consumer Reports said Nook beats Kindle for the first time

This is what Consumer Reports said on Friday, marking the first time the product-review group felt gave higher marks Barnes & Noble e-reader to rival Amazon.Apparently, more is less for Consumer Reports. The Nook Simple Touch Reader, released last month, scored a point higher than the last Kindle and a few points higher than the other models.This is more than the Nook Color, out there about half a year, could muster. (Amazon does not offer a color Kindle – at least not yet). The new Nook, we called anti-iPad remains the bells and whistles of the first model, including a second navigation screen, an MP3 player and a web browser.

“B & N caught up with the Kindle in large part by imitating the accent on Amazon read with ease and extra features,” wrote critic Paul Reynolds Consumer Reports.Consumer Reports scored the Nook and Kindle even autonomy, each control out over five days on a single charge, and prices (both come in around $ 140 for the Wi-Fi models only).Commentators have called the first version of the Nook glitchy, saying he had apparently been rushed out for the holiday season 2009. The review said Friday updates to firmware, small computer programs that manage the device, have improved both the new model and the old.The review said that the Amazon Kindle – unconfirmed reports say a color version is in the works – has a chance to surpass the new Nook in future trials. One of the things that earned him extra points Nook is a program that allows users to check e-books in libraries for free.Amazon has announced that it will add a library program later this year. The review also said future updates firmware Kindle could give it a boost.

Consumer Reports said it expects a test e-reader, the Kobo eReader Touch, and a new line of Sony Reader devices is expected later this year.


iTunes still takes the lead in digital music downloading

The NPD cluster has simply discharged its quarterly report on the state of music sales, and unsurprisingly it says that Apple’s iTunes store is dominating with sixty three % of digital music sales. Amazon came in second with twenty two % of all downloads by total volume, however even that variety belies iTunes’ reach, as eight of 10 digital music patrons use iTunes for his or her purchases. However, NPD’s numbers conjointly contain some shocking, and maybe serious, results: solely forty four million Americans purchased digital music in any respect in 2012. Digital music sales are comparatively flat over the past 3 years, increasing solely six % per emptor year-over-year. “”Streamers square measure way more doubtless than the common shopper to shop for music downloads.” ”

While NPD says that “store, digital music downloads became the dominant revenue supply for the recorded music business,” a minimum of some labels still claim that the bulk of their revenue still comes from CD sales. regardless of the reason for the slow growth, it will appear real and it’s therein context that Apple’s close streaming radio service is very important. It’s on paper attainable that a streaming service may truly juice sales, as GigaOm points out the report notes that Pandora users typically purchase music supported their net radio listening. It’s in all probability a step too so much to mention that Apple wants iRadio to juice music sales, however Apple will have to be compelled to carry on with no matter direction the music business takes. CDs square measure apace disappearing, and there is no guarantee that buying digital music will not do constant as services like Spotify and Rdio gain traction.


Apple Apologized to China Consumers after the Apple Warranty Practices Criticism

Background :

Apple Apologized to China Consumers after the Apple Warranty Practices Criticism. It was reported that Apple didn’t obey the China local consumer rights law and given bad services to China consumers on the March 15th on the main CCTV and many other main medias through China. March 15th is the World Consumer Rights Day. And later many journalists interviewed the Apple mall and got the same answers that made them angry. Apple is labeled as arrogant, impassive brandand There were not any official responces although the most import China media gave pressures to Apple. Apple CEO Tim Cook Apologized to China Consumers over the Apple Warranty Practices on April 1st, finally.

Apple has posted a letter to China consumers over the main issue of Apple Warranty Practices on apple’s local official website in Chinese.

This is Tim Cook’s words for apology.

“To our Chinese consumers:

In the past two weeks, we have received a lot of feedback about Apple in China repair and warranty policy. We are not only a profound reflection on these views, together with relevant departments to carefully study the “Three Guarantees”, and also look at our maintenance policy communication and combing our management specifications of Apple Authorized Service Provider. We are aware that, due to the lack of external communication in this process and lead to the speculation that Apple arrogance, do not care or do not attach importance to consumer feedback. We express our sincere apologies for any concerns or misunderstandings this gives consumers.”

He gaved some improvements of the Apple warranty practices to Chinese consumer. Apple finally obeyed China local consumer “Three Guarantees” policies. All major components have a 2-year warranty of Mac Computers. And they refined the iPhone, iPod ,and iPad warranty practices.

Check more details fromhere

It seemed that for the media presure and big consumer market, Apple inc finally have to face the problems and give a satysfying resolution to Chinese. Or else, it will not go far in the huge China market. Apple surrendered to China consumers.Glenn – Yang pointed out: “Apple has 16% of sales (fiscal year 2012) from the Chinese market, the past two years (2010 to 2012), 24% of Apple’s revenue growth from this market. Apple’s share dropped by up to 50%, will be equivalent to $ 13.1 billion in revenue and earnings per share of $ 3.62 in the Chinese market. ”

source: mobile phones news


World’s biggest musical to feature 10,000 square metres of LED screens

World's biggest musical

A British creative agency has been tasked with providing the visual effects for the “world’s biggest ever musical”, due to be staged at the Olympic Birds Nest Stadium in Beijing.

Studio Output will use VFX, projection mapping and LED animation that will be displayed across 10,000 square metres of LED screens for the Fascination musical that will run for three years.

The total number of LED screens to be used equates to around 53 large cinema screens and the musical’s visual area will be as large as three football pitches wide and 16 double decker buses high (20,000 metres squared).?

“This project has all the elements needed to become a truly iconic, epic piece of creative work. Being able to work on such a scale, with no restriction on production quality for such a large audience is not something we could have ever imagined doing in the UK,” said Ian Hambleton, Partner and Creative Director, Studio Output.

Around 1.5 million people are expected to attend Fascination throughout the duration of the three-year show, with up to 10,000 spectators a night. Each performance requires 600 performers and 200 production staff.

Does the sound of “Fascination” the musical gauge your interest? Let us know why in the comments below.



Useful Tips to Protect You From Online Fraud

Online cheat is becoming more and more common nowadays. Because the hacker gets more advanced power, and also we may leak our privacy information through online shopping and Social Media. All risks are existing. And the malware are big threats too. We simply don’t take seriously enough about Online fraud. Because many of us have online transactions on a daily basis for daily life use or business use.

Here we will look at some ways to prevent you being a victim of online cheats or information being leaked. Remember three basic points. Keep safe of your card information, and your phone number and address information.  Keep Safe of your card passwords and set them with difficult models.

Choose a reliable online Shopping site

Before buying action, you should first find a reliable shopping sites. Ensure that the sites is malware free, the cash system is safe and if possible, contact the seller before buy leads. Find reviews and comments about your aim brand and listen to the previoud persons’s opinions. Make sure to check the related reviews about the site or the brand.

Build Strong Passwards.

If one has access to your passwards, everthing related to this account will be unsafe.  You just remember login in your important accounts using your own laptop or not in the public computers. Once you login into it the cookies still exsit there. Set your strong passwards,  the best way to avoid having your password cracked is to use as obscure a password as possible that involves lots of letters and lots of numbers. It’s also worth applying a similar logic to your user name which is something many people don’t realise can be almost as effective.

Use a safe Pay Method – like PayPal

PayPal is a pain for retailers because they take a percentage of the transactions from their end. When it’s offered though, that’s the seller’s problem and not yours – for you it’s great news because it means you don’t have to give any details other than an e-mail address

Separate your accounts

To use a separate banking account for online transactions is a good idea to keep safe. If you want to pay for sth, and then just transfer the anount of money to it. So that you keep your important card safe and do online transaction using another empty card in case of anyone empty your primary card.

Use your Anti-Spyware to scan your PC regularly

Be careful of spyware, and scan the computer regularly to remove suspicious object.


The Problems Between TV Buying Needs and Manufacturers Offers

As the Consumer Electronics reports show, the Las Vegas the manufacturers will introduce new televisions over tens. They come armed with lots of high specs: Full HD 3-D. 4K. OLED. Moth Eye-Fi. (Yes, Moth Eye.) Sets is the Internet-ready. Of course you can see YouTube and Hulu and Major League Baseball.Barely any ones go to your TV experience better.

Because that’s all the manufacturers to solve the wrong problems. They are mere pixels If the act of looking for the show you want to see and become frustrating heinous fixed. Until someone solves it is not a compelling reason for most of us to plunk down several grand for a new screen. Even the sharpest 4K kit, the thinnest and lightest panel blacks is not going to help you track down this episode of Big Bongs

It is not that the engineering-driven corporate giants are aware of this. One of the big selling points this year (again) so-called Smart TV. By connecting to the Internet and set your app-tries, by going the promise, all the problems are solved as observed. This Target missed completely.

Suppose you want to watch the latest episode of Big Bongs. Quick: Where are you going? Hulu Plus? Netflix streaming? Amazon Instant Video? Xfinity On Demand? And how do you get it? Year embedded function in your PS3? Apple TV? Roku? Something else?

We need to decide Lich that we see something and have it only appear right where we want to quit, regardless of whether it comes from a cable or Internet. Navigating some of the submenus and then hope you have the right app is not better things. It should not take a genius to see a Smart TV.

But there are also problems with waiting for Apple or Google or Amazon or Microsoft or Sony to solve this problem: they all have skin in the game video delivery. Everyone will try to lock you into their own ICT ecosystem that is just a recipe for more fragmentation. Therefore, the TV manufacturers is on need.HDTVs are everywhere, and it is clear that people are very happy with them. Sun LG, Samsung, Vizio and shoulds finalize try gadget sharp image quality and the menus are easy to sell on television and concentrated. Because until they do, all that you’re a new TV exceptionally sharp and clear picture, how frustrating it is to see.

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Xbox Music Comes

Microsoft announced the launch of the Xbox Music – it is said be the first all-in-one music service.The new service will offer more than 30 million songs alongside a offers cloud storage and more.

“The launch of the Xbox’s music is an important step in the simplification of digital music on any device and on a global scale,” said Don Mattrick, president, interactive entertainment at Microsoft. “We’re breaking down the walls that fracture music experiences today to ensure that the music is better integrated into the screens that you care about the most -. Your tablet, PC, phone and TV ”

The new service is available from 15 Oct,2012 on Xbox 360 and  on Windows 8 Surface RT  and Windows 8 mobile phones,  and additional platforms later. Service users can listen to  free music streaming on Windows 8 . But it is said that Xbox Music Pass will be a pay version.

Those who pay $ 9.99 per month (in the UK is yet to be confirmed) will receive a free service with unlimited play any track through their tablet PC, phone and Xbox 360.


Windows 8 tested as RTM released

Windows 8 is now the finished article, as the new Microsoft OS gets set to be “released to manufacturing” (RTM). However, the average consumer will still have to wait until 26 October.
That Microsoft is in a position to begin rolling out an RTM Windows 8 version means all testing and development have been completed.?
Initially the RTM code will be released to OEM partners, those who will be working on a range of Windows 8 PCs and tablets ready for the 26 October launch.?From 15 August, developers with MSDN subscriptions and IT professionals with TechNet subscriptions who need to test Windows 8 for wider organisational use will be able to download the final version of Windows 8
The following day, customers with existing Microsoft Software Assurance for Windows will also be able to access Windows 8 Enterprise Edition, while Microsoft Partner Network members will also be able to get Windows 8.
Finally, from 20 August, Microsoft Action Pack Providers (MAPS) will be granted access before Volume License customers who don’t have Software Assurance will be able to purchase Windows 8 from 1 September.
For the consumer this time frame may cause frustration, but what it should mean is that by the 26 October launch, Windows 8 will be a polished OS will a host of apps available for download.Have you got Windows 8?


Acer Unveiled 7-inch Iconia Tab A110 Tablet

Acer unveiled  the latest Android Jelly Bean Sports tablet to hit the market in the form of the 7-inch Iconia Tab A110 on Oct.18th. The Iconia Tab A110 tablet is technically a budget plan, but he does not want impressive features, the device runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, a 1.2GHz quad-core processor NVIDIA Tegra 3 core with this famous ghost fifth and a core of 12 NVIDIA GPUs.

The 7 inch screen is 1024×600 (16:10), and there is 1 GB of DDR3 memory and 8GB of onboard storage (supplemented by up to 32 GB MicroSD storage) and a front camera 2MP HD . Ports include USB 2.0 micro USB, micro HDMI, 3.5mm audio jack combo port and dock, and there is WiFi 802.11b/g/n and Bluetooth 3.0 for connectivity. The battery is supposed to last up to 7.5 hours.The tablet is 7 inches and sports Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS it seems that Acer has created a direct competitor to Google and Asus flagship Android tablet, the Google Nexus One 7. Acer described the tablet as “a tablet that you can easily hold in one hand and still lets you enjoy web browsing, multimedia, or even if you need to work.”

The Acer Iconia Tab A110 comes with a 7-inch LCM (LCD) touch screen which is a little less to be classified as HD, coming up with a resolution of 1024 x 600. It also has a 2-megapixel front camera for video calls and runs the Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core 1.2GHz processor and 1GB of RAM.The device weighs 390g and outside the terminal users have access to a microSD card slot capable of expanding by another 32GB to complement the existing 8GB of internal memory built in. The Iconia Tab A110 also has a micro USB 2.0 port and an HDMI output, Wi-Fi connectivity.

The Iconia Tab A110 tablet is technically a budget plan, but he does not want impressive features, the device runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean a 1.2GHz quad-core processor NVIDIA Tegra 3 core with this famous ghost fifth and a core of 12 NVIDIA GPUs.The 7 inch screen is 1024×600 (16:10), and there is 1 GB of DDR3 memory and 8GB of onboard storage (supplemented by up to 32 GB MicroSD storage) and a front camera 2MP HD . Ports include USB 2.0 micro USB, micro HDMI, 3.5mm audio jack combo port and dock, and there is WiFi 802.11b/g/n and Bluetooth 3.0 for connectivity. The battery is supposed to last up to 7.5 hours.